Thought model help- baby clock is ticking!

Hi Brooke,

Can you please help me with a new thought model around wanting to have a baby and feeling like I’m running out of time? I’ve been using thought models in my business and weight loss and am having tremendous success- total game changer and I feel obnoxiously unstoppable! The one area I’m struggling with is wanting a family. I’m 35 and single and am having a lot of anxiety feeling like I’m running out of time; it feels like it’s the one goal in my life with an expiration date. I know there are alternate options if I do really want kids, but right now, I want to have a family with someone in my life and may feel disappointed if pregnancy isn’t an option for me. Can you please help me change around my thought model so I’m not a victim to the ticking clock I’ve created in my head?

Negative Thought Model:
C- 35 years old and single
T- I’m running out of time to meet someone and have a baby
F- Anxiety, helpless, sad
A- ?
R- ?

Thanks in advance!