Thought model help

Dad says “have you looked at yourself? How can you look at yourself in the mirror with this body? You are disgusting!”
I say: ” don’t worry about me” and I walk away


Thought- he’s such a jerk
Action- cry and pig out
Result-avoid them more, continue to feel awkward about my weight and not opening up about what I’m doing. And gain weight

New thought model:
Thought-I normally eat chocolate when I’m crying but I don’t need to, I’m also not hungry.

Feeling-unhappy but allowing it
Action-not eat chocolate and instead work on thought models

Result-staying in line with goals

I’m just wondering do you have a suggestion on how to reply to them in these moments that is healthy and helpful? If I agree that I need to lose weight and I start telling them my plan then it will become a lengthy conversation full of backhanded comments and arguing. Because they think nothing less than 2 hours a day in the gym is adequate.

I am working on trying to be independent and not have them be so controlling. So I want to put a stop to the convo and also have them not bring up things like this so often. For reference, their comments are ALWAYS this blunt.

Thank you in advance