thought: People I love need me to worry about them.

Somewhere along the way, I learned that the way to love people is worrying about them. And there are soooo many things to worry about when it comes to the people I love. This is a huge source of anxiety for me that contributes to patterns of buffering, fixing behaviours, people-pleasing and overcompensating. Can you help with this model?

C people I love
T They need me to worry about them.
F anxiety
A ruminate about their problems, research their problems, talk to them about their problems, try to find solutions to their problems, try to bully them to follow my solutions to their problems
R not achieving my goals, feel anxious all the time, they feel frustrated by my efforts, undermines connection

C people I love
T Everyone is doing the best they can {not sure this is the right ladder thought here}
F unconditional love
A make an effort to genuinely connect with them on their level, be a good listener, ask them if they want help
R they feel my love and support

Thanks in advance 🙂