Thought Result or True Physical Response


I just became a SCS student and am thrilled to be re-learning (I say re-learning because I actually learned a lot about thought processes=feelings many years ago) and I am just starting the process of saying “goodbye!” to 80-95 lbs of FAT.

This is the first time I have tackled the emotional part of weight loss (I was convinced I was NOT an emotional eater!) Anyway, been on protocol for 3 days now and I “feel” soooo depressed. Like a dark cloud is hovering over me. I have tried to figure out what I am thinking that is making me feel this way and I am actually more hopeful than I have ever been in my whole life of being overweight so I do not know what is going on!!

I thought perhaps it was the physical withdrawal from the sugar and flour OR perhaps I am finally really feeling for once in my life and not buffering anymore OR both??? What the heck? How long before this passes?