Thought Traps About my Husband

My husband got upset with me yesterday. It was at the end of a crazy day, and he kept asking me what do to about the kids, I said (several times) to call the sitter. He needed me to say call the sitter and pick up our daughter. I didn’t know that. he took it to mean I was being mean to him by just repeating the same thing.

a little background over the weekend, Friday was my bday, Saturday I cleaned up the bday stuff, he ran a 10k and was MIA for most of Saturday/Sunday, we had a family holiday I did everything myself on MONDAY, he wanted my help with work Tuesday evening. I rearranged my schedule last minute and had to juggle a first time baby sitter I arranged everything.

Now I am in the old thinking trap about him:

  • He wants me to spoon-feed him
  • He’s so needy
  • He’s so selfish
  • He doesn’t communicate
  • I am taken advantage of (because I am so efficient)
  • He doesn’t care about me
  • He’s so demanding of people
  • He’s not smart

I feel done with it all. I guess that is apathy? I want to stand in this space that I am important. I want to feel valued. I want to be appreciated.

Help me find a thought. I am engaging in so much annoyance with him.