Thought Whack-a-mole

Hey Brooke,

I was on a call with you where you talked about looking for approval can be difficult for new entrepreneurs. Since then I’ve been noticing all the areas I seek out approval or validation that I’m “doing it right.” It’s most areas of my life.

Immediately after this call I went into a 3 day event for business owners, including many well known, successful entrepreneurs. It was inspiring to see so many successful people and actually meet them to be reminded that they’re human. But I noticed as I met and listened to them I was repeating the thought “why does building a business, getting clients, come so easy to them and not me, what am I missing?”

By the last day I felt more disappointed than excited because I was focusing on how far ahead they are than me. The thought is “I don’t think I’ll ever figure this out to be at their level or be good enough to join the mastermind.”

I’ve been doing thought downloads and models but because it seems like I have so many different thoughts going on I’m not focused on changing just one. I’m writing here to start coming back out of this negative spin and get refocused.

I guess my question is if my thoughts are packaged differently but boil down to the same “I’m not good enough” story, how should I work with that? Do I need be more specific or if I just focus on changing this broad belief will it domino and cover all the areas of my life? So not good at my job, owning a business, managing money, building relationships, I can keep going. I feel like I’m playing whack a mole with my thoughts. Super Fun:) Can this be my one and done, Model away from success and happiness?!!!