Thought Work 121021 – Double Check my Models?


Can someone take a look at my models today?

C Sitting, drinking tea & Working on SCS
T I’m proud of me today
F calm
A I clean house, take the dog for a walk, follow my calendar, experience my emotions, eat well, listen to my body, hold space for others’ emotions
R I show up for myself & have work done

C Sitting, drinking tea & working on SCS
T I’m leveling up
F Proud
A Not spend money outside of budget, earn the income I would need to buy, set money aside, dream of driving that beautiful ride
R Buy that gorgeous red SUV with the fancy camera and low milage

C Sitting, drinking tea & working on SCS
T How can I add more value to my coaching?
F confused
A brainstorm
R not get closer to goal of adding more value

C Sitting, drinking tea & working on SCS
T I overdeliver to my clients
F Pride
A Consistently blog, record, research, brainstorm, journal and interact with my clients. I write a book. I have a consistent podcast. I lead by example.
R My clients are happy and satisfied