Thought work – 2 questions

I’ve been thinking a lot about the model and all of that and here’s what I’m sort of starting to understand. I want to know if I’m on right track. I was wondering when and for what thoughts to use the model because we have so many thoughts to look at, so I’m thinking that we use the model for the most pervasive unintentional thoughts first? For example, if I’m facing desire every evening, that’s one I need to look at and work on. Is that right?
The other question I have along the same lines is what if two opposing thoughts feel just as true for me? Is this just a matter of where we focus our attention? For example there are days when I’m doing yoga at home and I think, “I don’t feel like doing this”, but it’s also completely true for me that I absolutely love yoga and it makes me feel soo much better. I have quite a few of these where I have the unintentional thought that I could buy into or the opposite thought that does feel just as real to me.
Thank you!