Thought work

I work a lot, but have free time at work that I could utilise to do thought/self coaching work, reading etc. however I don’t tend to do any work because I’m worried about what people will say to me and think about me.
I did an unintentional and intentional model, but am not sure if I’m doing it correctly.

C: Doing thought/self coaching work at work
T: What will they think of/about me?
F: Embarrassed
A: Hide my work, not do the work, scroll the internet, watch TV, waste time
R: Don’t honour myself, don’t get work done, allow toddler to take over brain

C: Doing thought/self coaching work at work
T: I love this work
F: Committed
A: Do thought work more often, get inside my mind and be the watcher
R: Really know my mind, change my life, show up for myself and have my own back always.