Thought Work

How do you suggest using thought work in revisiting a relationship with an ex boyfriend?
How could thought work and the model be used to let go of the past hurt or emotional wear to be able to start fresh. Maybe starting fresh is not possible so even starting with an open mind…

Currently my thoughts are:
What will my friends think – Shame
What if I get hurt again – Fear
What if I’m not seeing a toxic cycle – insecurity
How could I possibly communicate better this time around – self doubt

Clearly, these thoughts will keep me in the same negative cycle – so how can I believe something more like:
This could be a fun new beginning – hopeful
I can show up as my new improved self – confident
Why not give it another shot, you can always leave – Secure
I am excited to make this work with him – excited
Those thoughts feel more foreign and not authentic.

Any suggestions on how how I get from point A to point B and believe it enough to act out of hope not fear.
Thank You!