Thought work about the new house

Hello wonderful coaches,
I set a goal for myself to decide or not if we want to buy our first home in the current state where we live. I decided yes, we want to buy and that is the best decision for us. I committed to that decision and we found a fabulous home that checks everything on my list. We put an offer on it and it was accepted. I felt amazing.

My husband rung a warning bell and said – Make sure you have everything you want from the house, This is a big decision. I don’t want you to complain later. That moment I set my brain loose on finding things that could be wrong with the house and one fact that came up was this is a “Southwest” facing home. I grew up in India where people give lot of emphasis on the direction of the house and how some directions bring you bad luck.

Part of me does not believe it. But part of me does due to fear – in a way – ” I want to make sure my family does not get into any trouble due to the direction of the house.” All throughout my childhood, people pointed out that since my childhood home was “west” facing, our family faced a lot of hardships (we lost our mom to cancer when I was 8, my dad remarried and that didn’t work out for a very long time). I was given (and I have seen) examples of families living in “east” facing houses being happy and trouble free (I know this is a thought, but the examples I have did live a relatively stable and uneventful childhood). East facing homes are considered ideal.
I am freaking out googling, going crazy and doing the models

Here are the models I have:


C: A website said “southwest” facing home brings bad luck
T: We should cancel this house and wait for the ideal “east” facing home
F: doubt
A: not convinced about the decision, spin in indecision, paint all the worst case scenarios in my mind.
R: I doubt my decision and create unnecessary stress for myself.


C: A website said “southwest” facing home brings bad luck
T: They can say whatever they want, but I could choose to not believe that.
F: confidence
A: Commit to loving this home, practice truly believing that this is the best home for us and we are going to have a great time here.
R: I feel good about my decision

C: A website said “south west” facing home brings bad luck
T: Direction wasn’t even a criteria in my home search
F: Clarity                                                                                                                                                                                                                A: Remind myself that direction of the house wasn’t on my checklist. Remind myself that direction of the house didn’t make it to my checklist since it does not have any upside except for the ingrain belief from childhood. Choose to not to believe that anymore. Don’t let it affect my life. I choose to believe that south-west is my direction. Reinforce to myself that I believe in God and myself more than these baseless predictions.
R: I get more confidence in my decision


C: I am considering buying a Southwest home
T: I have had bad things happen in my life, I need to be careful
F: fear
A: Attribute circumstances of my life to the direction of the house I lived in.
R: I feel like a victim


C: I am considering buying a Southwest home
T: A friend bought one and she is living happily, so maybe it’s not bad
F: hopeful
A: find evidences why this direction of home is good
R: I feel good about the direction

Please let me know other thoughts and questions to practice.