Thought work around insomnia

I am struggling with insomnia (difficult to go back to sleep, not to fall asleep in the first place). Here is a model I wrote down recently
C: went to bed at 10:45PM, woke up at 2AM
T: I am making effort to apply sleep hygiene practices, this is not fair to be already awake
F: angry (identifying as a victim)
A: rebel = I let my mind run around thoughts and desires unconstrained
R: I spend sleep time indulging with unnecessary thinking, I get poor sleep

Some unrational thoughts I have connected to this model:
– As I am constantly putting effort to respect myself and the world/reality (the villain) rewards me with such an unfair treatment I have all the right to be careless and be harsh on myself as much as I want
– I am putting effort in respecting myself because that is what I have to do, it is a moral duty, I do not because I desire it. I am doing it because otherwise I would not be worthy
– I am worthy only if I show self love and respect
– Why I do not desire it? Because self respect requires discipline > Discipline is boring > I do not want to experience all this boredom > thus I do not want to treat myself with respect

All of these are intentional thoughts that pop up. I would like to move beyond these to create better results. Just by reading them and my unintentional model would you be able to give me some suggestion for where to start? i.e need to look more for other subtle thoughts / work on new thoughts / define my compelling reason
Also would you advise me to go to bed with planned thoughts for when I wake up to counteract my primitive brain? Any suggested thought more than welcome. thanks!