Thought work confusion

I feel confused about a few things. I am hearing conflicting information from the same sources (ie from 2k and from Scholars). Perhaps I just don’t understand when each approach is appropriate.

I’m uncertain about:

  1. When to just increase my awareness of my negative thought patterns and how they are impacting my emotions, actions and results versus when to work on intentional models, changing my thoughts and believing new things.
  2. When to work on my thoughts/beliefs before taking action and when to take action with the negative feelings along for the ride.

I know how important our thoughts and feelings are to how we show up. I believe they impact the results we get when taking the same actions, as well as the sort of actions we are prepared to take.

However, I also hear that we need to take action when we don’t feel like it. When we aren’t in belief, are feeling down, apathetic etc.

I do understand that taking action from a place of courage is a good thing. But this only feels right when my belief is high. When my belief is low then taking uncomfortable action just feels bad and I’m unlikely to do it.

Can you please help me understand when each approach is required? Thank you.