Thought work help

Can you give me tips on where to go as I’m stuck. When I work an 8 or 10 hour day and go all in I’m happy with myself but I’m so exhausted I go to sleep shortly after. I feel like 8pm is too early to go to sleep. I wake up at 6am. How do I stop feeling so exhausted. Is it normal? Even if it is how do I push through my day and read a book or listen to a podcast while I’m feeling exhausted? I’ve also noticed I feel exhausted when I don’t eat. I do the intermittent fasting Brooke talks about. I know she says we are supposed to feel this but it feels so uncomfortable and makes me want to go straight to sleep. Am I using sleep as a buffer or am I really sleepy even though it’s not my normal bedtime? It will be around 8pm instead of 11pm. I wake up at 7am each day

Feeling my dip in blood sugar makes me feel like I’m going to pass out. What should I do?

My fiancé notices when I’m not taking action due to fear but I cannot tell that myself. How can I recognize that I’m limiting myself? Are there clues or hints? Example is I fear needles. I’m afraid of them so when I get a shot I don’t look at the needle. The one time I did look at the needle I passed out. I didn’t see this as limiting myself until my fiancé brought it up but I agree with him as so many people don’t have the problem I do with needles and I don’t want to have it. I understand that I have to just not think about it but how can I get better at finding out my thoughts limiting me without someone else pointing them out to me.