Thought Work on Last Minute Dinner Cancellation

A friend has done this once before: she reached out to me asking if I’m available for dinner. We agree on a date and when the day comes, I’ll follow up with her only to learn she can’t make it. Today was the 2nd time this has happened to me and I’m pisst!

Here is the model:
C – Friend reaches out to meet up & cancels
T – My time is valuable. Anything I have on my calendar I honor. She is disrespectful and rude for not honoring the commitment.
F – Pisst
A – Send her a text message letting her know that I understand she cannot make however b/c she’s cancelled on me before I would prefer if she would never ask to meet up 1:1 again.
R – I will never have to waste my time and energy on being stood up by her.

I felt like I managed it well considering how pisst I was. I set my own boundary, informed her of it and I’m moving on.

The hard part is this friend is part of my bigger circle of friends. I will continue to see her in the group setting but I am just making it clear that I will never meet up with her 1:1 again. Am I setting up the right boundary?