Thought Work & OMAD

I have read extensively about OMAD (One Meal A Day) protocol and wanted to experiment with this protocol for 60 days, both for weight loss and urges management.

Prior to that I had lost last year 40 pounds doing intermittent fasting and eliminating flour and sugar.
Then I started eating everything back again so I need to lose 30 pounds now.

I am 20 days into the OMAD experiment and I found few interesting things that happen to me:

1. I lost 10 pounds in 20 days. It might be that they are mostly water weight, but that’s okay.
2. My brain thinks all day about this one meal I am going to get.
3. I plan much more carefully this one meal, making sure that it is optimized to give me the highest and best nutrients until I will eat next time.
4. If I had 2 or 3 urges on the intermittent fasting protocol, I now have more than 10 urges a day.
5. When the day ends and I go to sleep I feel very accomplished for doing something I consider so hard.
6. I am hungry all throughout the morning as well as starting two hours after I eat my one meal.
7. Knowing I have no other meals planned, it freed my brain to be so much more creative and focused.
8. Lastly, I have proved myself over these 30 days that I can do something that previously I never thought possible for me.

My question is regarding the urges and hunger.

How do I know that accommodating so many hours of real physical hunger as well as so many urges a day is healthy for me in order to de-condition the unwanted desire?

So far, it seems my brain desires more food than before and my body craves food more hours during the day.