Thought Work on Relationships

I’ve been more observant of my thoughts and I noticed my thoughts about others are so negative and I always thought I was a positive person. Judgement is all I have for the people around me. In the way they choose to live their lives, their flaws and all the negative things I can find about them. I just made this realization and it’s a horrible way to see a person. How can I make room to love anyone if I’m constantly judging them? And WHO I want to be is someone who loves people unconditionally. I want to change my negative thoughts.

Old Model:
C – people
T – find the flaw in people
F – judgement
A – disengage myself from them
R – no connection

New Model:
C – people
T – everyone is fighting their own battle, be kind. (sounds too clique and unbelievable though)
F – love, connection
A – stop judging, be excited to connect with others
R – deeper connection with others.

I’m working on finding new thoughts to connect to others and realized I don’t know any better than to judge others. I have so much work to do there.

Woah! This month was all about figuring out who I want to be and I felt like I knew what that was but SCS has completely made me look at it from a different perspective. It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time to see myself become who I want to be.