Thought work for running

I set the goal of running a half-marathon in July as my big goal for SCS. I haven’t run one before but have run shorter distances like 5k. What used to happen frequently is that as the distance increased I thought “I can’t do this, its too far, it will be too hard, I will get injured”. I would get panicky and quit running. As I began building my base during the last month, I have had those thoughts come up and I decided to look for new thoughts to pull out while running. When I start to panic that it is too far and I can’t do it, I have started saying “it is only 11 minutes and the next mile will be done” or only 3 minutes left for the last 1/4 mile. It has been enormously helpful to have a thought to pull out when times get tough. I used to think that running was physically hard, but I am discovering that thought work makes such a difference. I’m not sore today so yesterday’s long run, which felt impossible yesterday morning, wasn’t actually physically difficult at all. Just mentally. That floored me. PS I am in a program that builds up miles slowly so should be just fine physically. I will be very excited and proud of myself when I can run all 13.1 miles!