Thought work vs. insight

When I’ve changed my mind about something, it usually happens all of a sudden, in a flash. It might have taken years of thinking and experiences and research to persuade me, but it doesn’t feel like I actually do it. The change just happens.

I’ve had deeply ingrained beliefs about myself and the world dissolve as easily as finding out Santa Claus doesn’t exist. There might have been a lot of struggle and resistance along the way, but it happens in a single moment.

I’ve been looking at the limiting beliefs I want to change now. I’ve been working very hard on thought ladders, trying to make myself believe it. There is a sense of urgency because I feel like if I don’t stop this negative behavior immediately, bad things will happen.

The 5 years it took the last time I had a major paradigm shift feels like waaaaay too long. I want to stop procrastinating NOW. I can’t get what I want until I stop.

Obviously, lots of thoughts about thoughts there.

But I’m wondering how to relate to my thought ladders in a more gentle, effective way. When I try to muster up all the brain power to make myself believe this, it backfires.

I want to recreate the ease with which I’ve changed my mind before. How can I play with this?