Thought Work With What Friends Say

I’ve been working on not being bothered by the things two of my closest friends say.

We’ve been friends for over a decade and I had a significant change in circumstances during that time (I went from being a well-off SAHM to divorced, working mom who lives on a fraction of what they do).

I would like to feel amused or neutral about the things they say, like when they make fun of something I’m doing to save money, or ask “why wouldn’t you just… (fill in the blank here with some kind of white glove service like ‘fly first class’, ‘hire an architect to take care of that?’ ‘go to Restoration Hardware and buy a decent couch?’).”

I’ve made progress (I’ve gone from “they’re kind of assholes” to “they can be a little clueless”).

It feels better than it did, but it’s still not great. I don’t know how to move to a thought that feels better. (I’ve tried “they mean well” but I can’t quite believe that one…I still am seeing a hint of disdain/disgust in the things they say).