thoughtful download

Im not really sure how to do this. I’m answering the questions about the previous day and what is for today and that I’m not really even sure if I’m doing that right. But mostly, what am I to be writing about on the left side of the booklet page which is blank , other than “Thought” download?
Here is my example page I filled in for today
1. What was your dominant feeling yesterday?
Hopeful- incontrol
2.Why? rethink how I can change driking behavior without over thinking the problem
3. What is one thing you want to accomplish today?
I want to not manipulate my thinking around alcohol
4. What emotion do you want to fuel this action or result?
. I want to let the day just unfold as it should. I don’t want to plan the day around drinking.I will take my husband’s lead as to how the day unfold whether we eat out or eat dinner at home. I will not manipulate to eat out so I can drink.
5. How can generate this emotion for yourself today?
keep redirecting myself that it is not about my riking circumstances. I will not be willful. I will not allow my thoughts to be manipulated. I will not overthink it. I will redirect myself that I am going to to be selfless and let somebody else determine my Sunday afternoon with my adult children and husband.

Thanks Brooke
Again, no sure what to write on the other page where it is headed Thought Download.

I had asked a previous question yesterday about where to find archived missed live calls. Thank you, I found it!

BTW : I love your name. I named my second daughter the same name..BROOKE! Its a beautiful name!