Hi Brooke, I’m working on a thought about my dad. In the past, I would get worked up when he would give me his opinion about life or the weather. For example, this morning he was trying to tell me about weather that was moving in. But before he could finish I told him I don’t need to be reminded about it. The more I think about it today, I know that he was probably trying to be caring, but it’s still bothering me.

C- Dad talks
T- He is going to make me anxious by what he says.
F- Frustration
A- Tell him I don’t want to hear about it.
R- Still get worked up

I want to work on this because I would like to start healing our relationship, but I jump to frustration so quickly with him. I’ve felt in the past he tries to control how I feel by manipulating my feelings. He know exactly what to say to make me feel guilty, feel fear, or frustration.

I know I am in control of my feelings, so I am doing this to myself?