For a very long time, I have had this sort of deep fatigue. Different times I’ve explored it think it I was food-related or sleep or emotion.

Now as I continue to do the scholars work I wonder if it is “just thought”

As I relax and really settle into the feeling there are thoughts that feel like they are caught in some cavern some recess of my mind.

I think I am afraid to actually think them and to feel the feels.

But I also know the power that also resides – like potential energy.

In some way it feels like the deepest work and yet also like the most superficial.

C – state of being
T – just keep doing
F – deep weariness
A – sort of checking out on a deeper level which I cover over with massive action to do amazing work in my business and life
R – I have great results but feel a bit disconnected and a little empty


C – state of being
T – I feel me
F – feel the feels
A – continue to act as an addition to not in spite of
R – feel connected, more compassion

This is only the start of this one, I am thinking it is deeper than this or has a few more models connected to it.

Thanks for insights.