Thoughts about cake

I’ve been having repeated thoughts and urges about eating cake. I just got back from holiday where I ate every thing that came my way especially sugar and flour. I’ve gained a lot of weight doing this (what a surprise!) now I want to lose that weight again.
Yesterday I ate no sugar or flour and had many urges. I think I told myself I would eat it today if I just got through yesterday. Today I realise I need to give it up for longer than 1 day to lose what I gained in 10 days (another surprise!)
It feels like I’m going through a withdrawal, its actually fascinating, i feel like I did when I gave up smoking.
I think if I allow all the urges eventually they will die down and I can have peace again. But the thought ‘One last time’ keeps coming up. I feel like I promised myself 1 last bit of cake before my holiday is completely over and now I’m stuck between not wanting to keep the urges alive but also feeling cheated if I don’t have the cake I said I would.
I am also scared that if I do decide to have some it will turn into a binge fuelled by the thought of ‘last chance’.
Can you help me to figure out what to do?

C cake C Cake C Cake
T 1 last time T Sugar is addictive T If i eat it I might binge
F allowed F Repelled F fear
A eat the cake A allow the urges and treat it like giving up smoking A maybe binge, maybe don’t eat it, fear myself
R increase urges? R decreased desire R Don’t feel in control of my results

Thank you so much for your insight and all that you guys are doing for us.