Thoughts about drinking

My past: Growing up I had an energy drink addiction. Having energy drinks in the fridge = having a good day, feeling safe and happy, I could do anything I wanted! I have gotten over the habit of drinking them, but my thoughts have not changed and it is affecting my life and relationship.

C: My partner came home from the grocery store. He had purchased one drink for me (as I asked him to) and two for himself.
T: I have less than him, he will have a better day and evening than I will, he will have more fun than I will, he got more for himself, I’m going to be left out. He did this TO me.
F: Anger!
A: Blaming him for only getting me one (even though I asked for one).
R: I have a bad day, we fight, I am ungrateful and rude. (Proving my thoughts).

HOW do I go about changing this horrible relationship I have with drinks? What thoughts can I think instead?

Sure, I love the awesome feeling of having them. I feel invincible haha. But obviously it’s not serving me in the big picture.