Thoughts about Engagement Ring

I recently accepted a wedding proposal and love the ring my fiance picked out! It’s just perfect, beautiful, I’m honored to wear it every day, everything I didn’t know I wanted.

I asked him to not spend ‘too much money on it’ and a few days after the proposal he gave me the shipping box with the receipt inside. Seeing the actual price of the ring sent my brain into a spin, but I was able to self-coach and really do think that this is the perfect ring for me.

I’ve been sharing the ring (reaching out my hand so people can gawk) upon request with friends and family. Seeing people’s reactions, watching their faces, and hearing their responses gives me a unique opportunity to worry about what they’re thinking and I immediately want to control what they think of me, him, and the ring. I want everyone to love it as much as I do and I’m causing myself pain by trying to control other people’s thoughts!

I want to release negative thoughts my brain offers me, neigh- I don’t want my brain to offer them to me at all and think something’s wrong because it is!