Thoughts about job search and resume

One of my goals is to find a new job. I have been feeling stuck, under-employed, and have been playing it super small for about 8 years. Before then, I had a few job experiences which were traumatic, including being fired. After that I had some painful interview experiences. Then I gave up and started working in retail. I earn about a fifth of what I used to as a manager in tech.

Reading my resume makes me cringe. It all sounds like I am trying too hard to sound impressive. It difficult for me to remember specifics about what I did in those jobs, so re-writing my resume seems like a daunting task. I haven’t kept in touch with anyone I worked with. Just left it all behind.

Since joining Scholars after Coach Week (which ROCKED!) I am feeling so energized and hopeful! Just not sure where to start. There are so many things I feel I need help with: managing emotions, organizing and managing my mind, time management, building confidence, money. I know the answer is usually “just pick one.” But is there one area which you feel would help me most with my job search?

C – Looking at my resume
T – It doesn’t sound like me. It sounds like I am trying too hard. I can’t remember what I did in enough detail to make it sound clear and strong.
F – Discouraged
A – Buffering, ruminating, keeping myself distracted
R – No progress in job search

Thanks very much for your help!