Thoughts about kindergarten "principal"

My oldest is starting school here in Sweden in august. Normally there is a soft transition between kindergaten and school at the end of the spring term, where the kids visit the school a number of times together with the kindergarten teachers, so they will get a chance to adapt.

Yesterday one of the teachers at the kindergarten told me that they won’t go with the children.
The thing is, that they did not do this last year either and there were a lot of parents making the principal at the kindergarten aware of the fact that they did not appreciate this very unusual approach.

I talked to her last year, and she said that this would of course not happen again.
Now it is happening and my brain is having alot of opinions about it and her. But I have trouble with my R-line.

C: Kindergarten teacher says, “they are not planing to take the kids to visit school”.
T: she (The principal at the kindergarten) is so incompetent!
F: Frustrated
A: talk to husband about how things are repeating themselves and how I now must act and step in to “fix” what she is not willing to do. e-mail school and ask when the invitation was sent out, plan to call principal to let her know my thoughts, scream in my head about how stupid she is, worry about what kind of transition my daughter will have.
R: I’m incompetent?
I don’treally think that the R should be that I’m incompetent, even though I clearly see that I’m not a nice person.

I’d like to be a grown up about this, and take out all the drama. But have trouble seeing a clear intentional model.

C. same
T: I’m a grown-up I can handle this without drama.
F: calm
A: I contact school to ask what can be done, and if I can take the kids to visit instead. Try to see solutions to the problem.
R: I fix things without drama because I’m a grownup

But there is still this feeling of resentment towards her inside of me, that I don’t like.

Would really appreciate som help!