Thoughts about me

I’m going through the thoughts about you and the how to enjoy being you material.

I just started it, and today is the second day for me. I got stuck.

Yesterday I did thought work to get myself out of a rut and develop more confidence. I’m feeling determined to do the same today.

When I sat down to do the questions for day 2, I felt a ton of resistance to explore any thoughts about myself that are negative. I don’t want to think them anymore, so I think my brain is building up resistance to even explore any that are in my brain.

I’m used to always trying to find what’s wrong with me, and now I want to find evidence for what’s right with me.

I’m not quite sure how to proceed. If it’s a “I don’t know” thought my brain is offering to protect me from negative emotion, I don’t want to indulge it. But if it’s growth in looking for evidence for my innate goodness and loveability, I want to encourage it.