Thoughts About My Abilities & Endless Self-Doubt Loop

Hi Coaches 🙂

I was trying to answer the second question from Day 3 (I know I am not supposed to be “catching up” but I am anyway and not sorry for it!).

I think that my abilities are high. I even wrote “I think I have the ability to achieve almost anything I can think of” which honestly surprised me. However, I then qualified this by stating that I very often sabotage myself with lack of motivation and procrastination, which ultimately means that regardless of my abilities I am underachieving…because of my belief that I will not or do not believe in myself? I guess I am a little twisted up in the logic of my thought process here and am trying to work it out and find a bridge thought for how to get myself past what feels like has been a life-long thought pattern.

C: Facing a goal I have set for myself
T: I am not going to reach this goal because I will inevitably self-sabotage and screw it up
F: Demotivated/self-loathing/lazy
A: Procrastination/not putting in the effort required to achieve the goal
R: Goal is not achieved

C: Facing a goal I have set for myself
T: I am capable of achieving this goal (??????)
F: Motivated
A: Do the work to achieve goal
R: Goal achieved

Do you have any thoughts or resources to point me to on this topic?

Another thing I want to mention is that since starting thought work (a few months ago) I have realized that I rarely even consciously set goals for myself anymore – because I am tired of disappointing myself.

Many thanks in advance!