Thoughts About My Daughter

So I’m knowingly going to offer a lot of my thoughts in this post. And I know my thoughts are creating my feelings and actions and results. But this is painful. My daughter is 12 and has one friend. She used to have a bunch and one in particular since they were toddlers. Over the past year this one started to leave her out of things and not invite her. My daughter told me that she wasn’t inviting her during lunch or talking to her. Now the other girls she was friends with have also distanced themselves from my daughter. I see my daughter all day on the couch now. Not talking to any of her former friends. It’s very painful for me to see my daughter left out. And she says she’s hurt and has made comments that she doesn’t have any friends. She ends up playing a video game or making videos all day long. I’ve suggested texting some of the other girls and just talking on the phone or making plans to go out for lunch. But she doesn’t. Only further proving her though that she doesn’t have any friends. Again this is very painful for me to see her hurt. My main thoughts about this are I don’t want to see her hurt. I don’t want her to be left. Something went wrong with her and her friend. Having friends is so important to our social emotional health and I’m concerned. Can you help me here? What can I do to help her? The model is 100% at work as it always is but is 12 too young? She offers me so much resistance as it is.