Thoughts about my goal causing confusion

I set an impossible goal for 2022 to create $10k in income through real estate investing.

I noticed I’m thinking these thoughts about it:
T: It’s not right
T: I should do something I love (instead)
T: It’s a means to an end

The “means to an end” is bothering me. Like I should be deciding my goal to be something that I will get out of the $10,000. Making an income alone isn’t “good enough” for my brain. I “should” be doing it in something I love, and since I don’t know what that is yet… I should wait.

And I should make my goal be… buying a house. Or living in Hawaii. Something that I will do with the money. Or creating a business in general.

What I’m seeing so far is that (1) The results are that I don’t create this $10,000 goal with these thoughts, and (2) I’m having some ‘morality’ issues with my goal. I’m not quite sure where to go in coaching this. I’d appreciate some pointers & prompts! Thank you!