Thoughts about my models

I just realized this is a pattern for me. How do I break this pattern?

Maybe it’s actually just doing this first model.

The second model always leads me to not find out why I did the thing to begin with and keeps me spinning in self-judgment.

C: I’m on a call with a potential client.
T: I wonder how quickly she can get me feedback
F: curious
A: ask “what is your capacity to provide feedback quickly?”
R: I find out how quickly she’s willing to provide feedback

C: I said, “what is your capacity to provide feedback quickly?” [or insert anything that I have ever done in the past]
T: I hate myself
F: regret
A: buffer
R: I’m layering on suffering. I’m hating on my past self. I don’t find out what was going on for me at that moment. I’m moving away from achieving my goals.