Thoughts about negative employee during pandemic

My business employs 57 people and we are an essential service per the Department of Homeland Security because we work with Medicare insurance, helping seniors set up and manage their Medicare health coverage. The great news about this is that we get to stay open and don’t have to lay people off and we have many employees who are grateful for that but there are a handful of them who are clearly pissed that we aren’t closing down WITH pay to them , which is not feasible and would also abandon our clients at the worst possible time. It’s hard not to feel resentful of those individuals when we are walking a fine line and trying to do what’s right. It is the most stressful time. I have been telling myself victims always need a villain, as Brooke said. It helps but I find myself obsessing over it and I don’t know how to break that cycle.
C: Coronavirus T: Employee ungrateful F: Frustrated, can’t win A: obsess over employees R: endless stress
Maybe better would be:
C: Coronavirus T: Employees may be upset and that’s ok F: calm A: carry on R: people get paid. It’s the feeling of calm i am not getting to so my T line needs help.