Thoughts about protocol Jan. 5th

C: protocol says breakfast tea with two servings cream, lunch is three eggs with riced cauliflower and 250 calories of chorizo not before 1:00. Dinner is salmon with butter and Parmesan cheese and half an avocado eat at 6:00-6:30.
T: I’m going to be hungry after dinner
F: resentful
A: start to think of after dinner snacks
R: end up eating snacks

I could also think “okay, I wonder what I could add to my meal so I wouldn’t be hungry after dinner.” Feeling is curiosity. Action is considering additional foods. Result is I beef up my dinner.

C: dinner tomorrow is salmon with butter and Parmesan cheese, half an avocado and 150 calories of sweet potato with no mayonnaise or anything like that.
T: that’s better
F: satisfied
A: I eat protocol
R: I’m pleased with my meal and build relationship between past and future self.