Thoughts about work

Here goes: I am feeling so nervous and I am just sitting at my desk doing everything, but working ( I’m a real estate agent)
The thoughts I’m having is that:
I don’t have a business plan written up the way I want it…. so I there for I can’t work.
I had a difficult weekend. (I spent the weekend at my parents house with my 4 kids and husband, which is very trying for me as it brings up a lot of difficult emotions from my childhood) …therefor I would like taking it easy at work. Only it isn’t working out because I have things planned for today and I am nervous about my decision to “take it easy today”.
I do not want to work today! Because I work so hard and I need a break! Only I have goals I need to reach and I don’t now if this is an option.
Lastly, I don’t even know what my Question is, I’m just frustrated and curious to hear “coaching”thoughts about this.