Thoughts about You – Writing the Story We Want


I am completing the “Your Thoughts About You” workbook and am at the part where I write the story as I want it to be. This is proving really challenging for me. I have a lot of “fluff” – such as, Ch.1 How do I want to be? “I want to be loving, kind, and fun. I want to set goals and achieve them. I want to create the life I want.” Ch.2 What do I want to achieve? Turned out to be very similar to Ch.1, “I want to achieve loving relationships; confidence; a lifestyle of daily self-coaching, exercise, work and time with people I love, etc…” Ch3 What do you want your story to be? I want to be remembered as funny, outgoing, loving, kind, hardworking and confident. I want to be remembered as well-rounded and a member of different cultures, languages, and skill sets. I want to laugh a lot.

I find myself wondering, though, if these are the things I actually want or if I just “think” I want them, since they come to mind first when I ask myself the questions posted above.

Then, it got even trickier in Ch4 and 5, when I asked myself, what would I want if anything was possible. In Ch4, I went a little fantastical in the sense that I was wanting things that will never be in my control: I want heaven to definitely exist, I want mediums to be able to connect with lost loved ones, I want my parents to live until 90 and my dad not to be sick. I then went back to the prompt and realized it says “what is your desired true possibility?”. So I started Ch.5 with that questions but am stuck. One thing I think I can work with is, I want to raise my earning “ceiling” on what I believe I can earn. I realize that our earnings come in part from our thoughts about what we think we can actually earn.

As I ask myself, “What, if anything was possible, would be my desired true possibility? Or, what do I want to create? I feel already create a lot as a teacher and athletic coach, and as a girlfriend and daughter to my parents and friend. I feel I am enough (at times), but this question has me a bit stumped.

Yes – I’d like to continue having pretty nice cars. Yes – I’d like to be comfortable financially. But, if ANYTHING were possible…I’m a little stumped.

Thank you!