Thoughts and Preferences

I’ve been in Scholars for over a year and I understand the model very well, but I need some clarification around thoughts and preferences. I’m having thoughts that I don’t enjoy my job anymore and I’m tired of doing my job. Intellectually, I understand that these thoughts are technically choices, but the thoughts appear to be very true. How do I reconcile these thoughts when they seem so true? To me, it seems like my preferences have just changed because I no longer enjoy the work that I do. How do you know if something is just a thought or it’s a preference (for example, preferences like liking certain foods, colors, music, etc.) ?

C- Teaching job
T- I’m really tired of doing this job & don’t enjoy it anymore
F- Exhausted/drained
A-teach with less energy/enthusiasm
R- Don’t enjoy job

I’m struggling think of an intentional model because I don’t enjoy the work that I do anymore. I’m not sure how to force myself to like work that I don’t enjoy when I simply don’t enjoy it. Your help is greatly appreciated!