Thoughts Are Circumstances

I have started my food protocol two weeks ago after living as someone who eats whatever she wants, whenever.
I found myself all day long, thinking about my next meal, fantasizing it, anticipating, looking forward, looking at the watch to see how much more time do I have until the next meal.
These are both thoughts and sensations. I feel anticipation when I think – I wonder how long before my next meal
I feel that I am highly occupied with it.
Sure, I work all these hours, but my mind is constantly checking in on how am I doing and when are we eating next.
It seems like the fact that I am occupied about eating is actually a circumstance.
I tried telling myself ‘I am someone who doesn’t care about food’ OR ‘I am someone who forgets to eat’ but my brain still looks for the clock all day and looping around the next meal.
Could this be my circumstance? And if so, how can I think about it in a way that will serve me?