Thoughts Are Truly Optional

This question is in regards to the Relationships call today (July 7, 2020) when Krista St-Germain was coaching Tina. It was a very good coaching session.

Tina shared how she feels bad during and after being with a confident friend. Tina’s thoughts are sentences that her brain offers her. Krista suggested watching with curiosity all of the terrible thoughts her brain offers when Tina is with her friend.

Krista pointed out that, of course, Tina feels the way she feels because of her brain and NOT because of how the friend is. Please help me to further wrap my brain around this concept. Furthermore, please help me to better see that Tina’s thoughts are truly and totally optional. Tina’s thoughts are not based on conclusions drawn from observations she sees in her friend but only on the thoughts Tina CHOOSES to think for herself. I have been in Scholars a few months. I know this concept intellectually but want to deepen my practical understanding that all thoughts are truly optional and are not in reaction to observations in the world. Thanks so much.