Thoughts aren’t true

My question is, if none of our thoughts are objectively true, since they are by definition ‘dual’ and based in the ego…what exactly are we doing with the model? Are we almost kind of playing a game, just picking better thoughts to create results because it’s fun? At first I thought we were picking more positive thoughts because they were more true, or to ‘get a result’…but I’m starting to see that might not be the case at all.

Because as long as I’m trying to “get a result”, I’m “attached to the outcome”, which means I’m totally in my ego / animal brain. And as long as I’m doing something because my ego thinks I’ll be happy when I get it, well, that never works. Are we really just doing all of this because it’s “fun”? I realize this is kind of a deep question, but is that the only point of all of this life? To have fun? Everything else is just neutral circumstances that we’ve given meaning to. You see what I mean? Because the ‘result’, even if we want it really bad, is just another ‘circumstance’, which is totally neutral until we give it meaning.