Thoughts Around Bloating

I am struggling to think helpful thoughts when I bloat.

My abdomen will expand multiple inches suddenly from causes no medical or health professional has yet been able to help me figure out (15 years of trying!). When it happens I look pregnant and have even been asked when the baby is due. I share that simply to illustrate the extent to how visual the bloating is. Sometimes I bloat after drinking a glass of water. Sometimes after I eat, sometimes if I don’t eat soon enough. Sometimes I bloat after intercourse!! So not attractive! (And so far no doctor has been able to explain that connection either.)

As a result of the bloating which sometimes lasts for hours, sometimes days, sometimes comes and goes throughout the day– finding clothing that fits well is challenging because my stomach changes sizes throughout the day. So I wear a lot of belts because one minute my pants are falling off and seemingly the next minute I can’t even button the pants and the belt is the only thing keeping my pants on. I often feel that I look frumpy because my clothes look too big when I am not bloated and too tight when I am.

When I bloat I feel
– embarrassed,
– unattractive,
– helpless to change it,
– afraid to eat,
– afraid to not eat
– resentful that I look pregnant when I am physically unable to have children
– I look like I don’t take care of my body (and I put a ton of effort into taking care of my body)

And to top it all off, the bloating can often trigger cramping, brain fog, and sometimes a migraine to boot.

This has been going on so long with unhelpful thoughts about the bloating circumstance. I need some new thoughts I can believe or some ladder thoughts to stop giving so much power and so much of my happiness to a physical condition. Help please!