Thoughts around my boss

Hi Brooke!
So when I reflect on areas where I could be more positive, I know for sure it is thoughts about my boss. I have done a lot of work around this topic already and have really learned to not let other people’s emotions affect me anymore. I have been really successful for the most part; however, how do you manage your emotions around someone who you never know what mood they will be in? My boss is pretty moody in my opinion which is how I used to be which is why I recognize it so well. I can always tell when she’s in a bad mood and as much as I would like it to not affect me, it does. It’s like many of us at work feel sometimes like we are walking on eggshells around her which isn’t fun. I feel her because I used to be her. I recognize so much of my old self in her it’s crazy. I am doing really well at my job and am really focusing on myself and my talent which is fantastic. But there are those days that I just don’t want to deal with her. I know that I can only manage myself. Do I just keep focusing on myself and my business? I guess I’m trying to get at is that I want to go into work not being concerned with how my boss is doing that day. I think I’m asking for more thoughts to think that will serve me rather than hinder me.