Thoughts around the bank balance being a C and therefore neutral

I’m struggling with what to think about my bank balance being neutral.
This morning, Monday, I woke up thinking that it won’t ever improve. This is not a useful thought.
Having reflected, I am now able to think “I can’t wait to earn more money and to clear this debt”.
That makes me feel (F) optimistic.
But after that I struggle because I am taking action to earn more, but I’m not there yet. So it feels like I start another model:
A – keep working on earning more (through business, separate from employment)
then I go to a T – But that’s not working right now, and then to another F – PANIC! (drama, overwhelm, totes unnecessary but that’s where I got to)

Do I address these as two separate models? How do I work this through in the model? I am tempted to tell my brain to shut up and to keep working (A), because (T) I can’t wait to earn more and clear this debt.

Which do I do: speak firmly to brain, or find a model that outwits brain?
or both? or do I go right back to where I woke up and brain was flooded with anxious thoughts re bank account.
If you said to me, “you get to choose” I’d tell my brain to keep quiet, and practice thinking “I can’t wait to clear that debt with the money I’m going to make” until it happens. Only concern is that I’m not working through thoughts in that way, but rather directing them.

Thanks so much.