Thoughts on coaching business

Hi Brooke,
I was so inspired by the first March call to the girl struggling between being a business coach or a life coach. I must say I understand where she came from (with business coaches sometimes looking like the only profitable business model on social media) but whoa, your laser perspective blew my mind.
I also read your reply to another Q on the other lady struggling with her coaching business and about your suggestion to focus in being of service. So good.
That said … I am feeling like I havent “clicked” into the right minset yet and am struggling to become the “business woman before the success” as you suggested.
I want to help people around weight loss and and getting unstuck and fulfilling their potential. I love talking to my clients and have had some timid success so far. It is a sprout that could grow …if only I let it.
I can see my possible success on the other side of effort and perseverance, I really do. I fear this is why I stop…. I am sabotaging my own success. I feel resistant to sit down and do my work so I waste weeks so that, in a way, I will demonstrate to myself what I probably think deep down: that I m not capable or good enough. Or that I will always struggle with money like my family did. Even the idea of grossing 25k a year seems too unattainable.

When I’m coaching, I’m confident and my clients give me great feedback.
I have so many ideas of cool stuff I “could do” and the market in Italy is not yet so saturated. But when it comes to promoting myself in social media or offering my services, I stop being the dedicated and productive person I usually am and buffer in fear, indecision and procrastination.
I constantly wonder what the perfect business name/ niche and flavour should be even though that is not the right place to find excitement.
I also fear I’ m too conditioned by other coaches version of success and wonder what MINE is.
I am trying new thoughts like:
I will be a successful coach
I will earn x amount of money in my coaching business
I work on my business no matter what according to my plan
This will work If I work on it
I ask and receive money easily in my business
I enjoy working on my business
I am capable and worthy of being a successful coach

Any other thoughts or tough advice for me, aside practicing these?
Thanks <3