My thoughts create my feelings and my feelings create my actions 💃

Hello Brooke and the life coach school
I wrote to you yesterday as I was pysching myself up for the week and wondering when things would get harder. Well today they did. Serves me right! We had an all day brainstorm at work and there was a plate piled high with cookies there on the table. I spent the first hour or so white knuckling resistance. Then I remembered. Allow the feeling of deprivation and not make it mean something so I intercepted.
I’ve been listening to your podcasts for ages and know the model but didn’t know how to intercept thought-feeling-action patterns like this. So now some model practice. I’m struggling with the results line here though.
Could have been:
Circumstance: cookies on the table
Thought: I deserve a cookie; they have been provided for my pleasure
Feeling: powerless to the force of the cookie plate
Action: Eat the cookies
Result: I need a cookie to feel deserving (is this the result)?????

But what was:
Circumstance: cookies
Thought: I am going to weigh 81 kg on September 14th
Feeling: strong, focused committed
Action: don’t eat the cookies
Result: feeling strong and confident and like I’m going to weigh 81kg on September 14th
Sincere thanks.