Thoughts about current business

Hi Brooke!

I currently earn around $500,000 a year in my direct sales business and have for the last five years. I have a visible and prestigious role and have LOVED inspiring other women through my training and coaching YET I am ready for my next step. My husband and I have decided that I will end by business on December 31st, 2018 when one son will be in college, one will be in boarding school and one will almost be in college. I am certain that I need to do this and I am confident I can build a new business to this level (and actually beyond). I am very future focused and love thinking about all the new things I am going to learn, the value I am going to create and just generally feeling very excited about my life. My challenge is quite simply that I feel very disengaged and bored with my current business, and due to my role, I feel super inauthentic when I am talking. I basically feel like I am lying which is pretty yucky. I know I need to change my THOUGHTS to have the best possible — and authentic year I can. Any advice?


Entrepreneur Mom

P.S. Like you and Jody I love money. 🙂