Thoughts/feelings to believe AFTER overeating

Just as I’ve conditioned my brain to produce urges to overeat/binge, the thoughts of shame and beating myself up AFTER I reward the urge are also habitual. I know these thoughts have no upside, and are completely optional.

My questions are:
1) After overeating/bingeing, do we put the overeating/bingeing in the C or the R? Which way of seeing it is more helpful?
2) Instead of feeling shame and regret, what thoughts and feelings can I choose to believe after a binge, that don’t feel contrived? Something like “I can learn something from this” is good in theory, but I want to make it more compelling. My brain wants the CERTAINTY that a binge won’t happen again. Are there thoughts/feelings that can generate that? I’m just not entirely confident in myself with follow-through, because I still find it very challenging to allow (rather than resist) urges in the moment.

Thank you.