Thoughts getting me stuck today – June 1

Doing a thought download I realized that my belief in coaching is off today because I am doubting myself for the fact that I haven’t descended into chaos like so many of my colleagues and friends have. This happened at the onset of COVID, and is happening again now with all of the riots. I have been doing thought work around it, which has empowered me to raise money for causes I believe in and spread awareness through social media and in-person conversations, all of which I believe is the most helpful way that I can be part of change.

However, I am doubting myself for handling it “wrong” and thinking I should just be freaking out and stopping working right now – and feeling guilty for not suffering as much as other people seem to be. I noticed this because today I started to write an email that was trying to convince my audience that I was handling it “right,” and how other people should handle it this way too. I truly do believe that coaching has helped me keep a clear head and continue with progress, but my brain is telling me that I should have stopped working completely and that I’m a bad person for not stopping. I’m celebrating myself for noticing this – but would love any insight!