Thoughts about junk food

Hey Brooke! I’ve struggled with weight loss my entire life.At age 12 I became anorexic. I was less then 100 pounds at 5’8″. Needless to say I had to hate food, think of it as an enemy, resist food at all costs to stay skinny. After a couple years of therapy, nutritionalists,
And hypnotherapy, I began eating again. But this time I was convinced by professionals food was positive. It was “allowing” myself food, especially junk. It was a treat, and I was being kind to myself by letting myelf eat junk food. These thoughts have been engrained in my head for 20 yeArs now 😔And are VERY deeply routed. I know you’ve talked repeatedly about changing your thoughts, I just don’t know how. I can remind myself of them daily,
But I always end up going back to my old thoughts and I don’t “get” to eat the way everyone else does, life’s not fair, etc. it is CoNSTANT. Will this chatter ever stop? How do I change my thoughts permanently? WhAt are some of the thoughts you have about food that have enabled you to keep your weight off? Please help